Dental Treatment Delivery Systems

Equip your treatment delivery system for optimum performance. You have total flexibility as to how you equip your system… rear delivery, side delivery, over the patient, and more.

Dental Office Design

You are able to have everything within your reach with the Clevedent System. You can work with your assistant or alone. This can comfortably, dramatically and effortlessly increase your productivity.

Profit Potential

When you have everything within reach, you’re able to save 5 minutes per patient. See 8 patient per day and save 40 minutes – enough time to see one more patient. That could easily translate to anywhere from $100 – $1,500 per day increased productivity!

As Seen In:

“Clevedent reinvents the Treatment Delivery System! It’s way more than just cabinetry. It is a fully integrated system for effectively running the clinical aspect of your office. It is amazing!”
“The Clevedent Inventory System used an iPad. It involves two basic key strokes. You can then email or print your order. It’s super quick and easy! It allows anyone to perform ordering with ease. You do not even need a dental background to perform ordering. It’s outstanding!”

About Clevedent Systems

Clevedent Systems are The Ultimate Productivity Solution! A Clevedent office design can help you maximize the use of space by creating more treatment rooms per square foot. Workstation surface pulls forward and rotates in every direction.

A Clevedent System is more than just a cabinet – it’s a complete system to help make you a powerhouse of productivity!

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Clevedent Catalog

Why Us?

  • Office design that give you more treatment rooms per square foot
  • All supplies in one place & within reach for doctors & assistants
  • Easily train staff to rapidly set up treatment rooms
  • Entire inventory system with iPad purchase order form